The Seiwasser martial arts school provides with the comprehensive leadership concept a professional education in Wing Tsun Seiwasser martial arts.

Who later whants to become an instructor, or even run his own martial arts school, requires far more skills than a normal student. But the Leadership training is also of interest for all students who want to reach more than the normal group lessons can provide.

The training takes place at our martial arts school. In addition to comprehensive technical Wing Tsun Seiwasser martial arts training, also theoretical knowledge is taught. Only theory and practice together lead to a qualified education.

Services in our Seiwasser Martial Arts School

  • Group lessons
  • Additional training in small groups
  • Regular theoretical lessons in our leadership class
  • Orientation sessions during education phase
  • Education for instructors

Services of Seiwasser Martial Arts School

  • Official examination courses
  • Instructor courses of Seiwasser Martial Arts School
  • Lessons at the Seiwasser Martial Arts School
  • Leadership documents

Contents of the theoretical training

  • Wing Tsun Martial Arts Seiwasser theory
  • Teaching construction and design
  • Rhetoric, communication and much more ...

All topics have been prepared systematically. The appropriate training materials are provided.

Training schedule

Tu  8.00 - 9.30 pm: MMA Striking
We  8.00 - 9.30 pm: MMA Striking & Grappling (Advanced)
Fr  8.00 - 9.45 pm: MMA Grappling
Sa  3.30 - 5.30 pm: MMA, open mat